& a star is born!

It all started last Friday when I received a call from Heery Casting asking me to work Tues, Wed, Thurs of this week as an extra for David O. Russell‘s newest film.

I never imagined I’d be so close to so many amazing actors.  I admit, I was starstruck the first day on set (#newbiestatus) & it took everything in my power not to text/tweet/fb, etc. about “The Sexiest Man Alive” acknowledging my presence on set, but I had to remain professional.

Those 42 hours on set were the best of my life, to date.  & it’s not even about the small interactions I had with these big name actors…it was just such a privilege to see them work & to be apart of it. I would have worked those long days for free for the kind of experience I had…but, since I’m a poor recent grad, I will gratefully take the money 🙂

&& I will always be a member of

The Goonies 🙂






I’ll share more when the movie is released.  I can’t wait to see the final cut!



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