‘Young Adult’ Movie Review

I attended the screening of Young Adult last night. To put it simply, I wasn’t impressed. While it did have some funny moments, it was mostly awkward & uncomfortable to watch. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman who could semi relate to Charlize Theron’s character on some level, or some part of me is afraid I could end up like her – trust me, no one would want that. The ending was almost too easy, but it made sense with the overall story-line. In the end, I wasn’t shocked with my own reaction of this film because I wasn’t a huge fan of Jason Reitman’s [director] last film, Up In The Air.  I feel as though these two films are very similar in the fact that the main character is going through some sort of struggle, & is almost sad to watch their downfall.

With that being said, I wouldn’t pay full price admission to see this film. However, I was happy to have received a free Awolnation CD from Radio 104.5, [so it wasn’t a complete waste of time] !

Young Adult opens in theaters Friday, December 16th, 2011.


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