‘War Horse’ Movie Review

This comes a little late, but I went to the screening of War Horse on Thursday evening. I’ll preface with this: it was one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. I wasn’t surprised Spielberg was able to evoke some emotion from me, but I wasn’t expecting this kind.  Going into it, I thought I’d be leaving with a heavy heart – boy, was I wrong! Spielberg did an amazing job capturing the time period; I thought he showed just enough of the war to give you the sense of being there. & the way the horse’s story is told was unique to any other movie [about horses].  There were some scenes I would have rather not seen, but I used to ride [horses], so I think it may have hit me harder than say just a regular dog or cat lover. Being that I used to ride, I really understood the connection between the boy & his horse & I appreciated how Spielberg portrayed it – I’m sure fellow horse lovers can attest to what I mean. However, if you love animals [in general], you’ll enjoy this movie. & if you’re easily taken by cinema, I would bring tissues.

War Horse opens in theaters December 25, 2011. [great movie to see with the family!]


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