‘The Artist’ Movie Review

Last night’s screening of The Artist was a pleasant surprise. I’ve never been a fan of the silent, black & white films so, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it.  I’ve also never watched a silent film in a theater before, which was an experience in itself. I found it so neat how the audience was still captivated by these actors, without hearing anything they were saying.    It definitely takes charm to keep the attention of the audience during a silent film & the main characters had plenty of it.  The only sound heard was the music that narrates the film.  Since it’s the only sound, it played a pivotal role – the music was what evoked emotion from the audience. I didn’t expect to actually laugh aloud & it was strange, yet fun, to hear the audience laugh in unison. I feel foolish saying these things because everything I’m describing I’ve experienced while watching a regular film. I guess the reaction of the audience & my own engagement in the film is more apparent when there is a loss of distraction [voices]. I enjoyed the simplicity of it & I actually felt as if I were in that era, especially when everyone clapped at the end.

The film itself was about a classic Hollywood love story, that everyone can enjoy. It was fun to watch because it brought me back to how I felt when I was on set of the Silver Linings Playbook last month. However, I think it’s apparent that the majority of my amusement came from the overall experience. I have a new appreciation for the silent, black & white films – my mother will be so happy [that doesn’t mean I’ll sit & watch AMC/TCM for hours though, sorry!]

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The Artist was released November 25th, 2011 [limited] 


2 thoughts on “‘The Artist’ Movie Review

  1. Roland Hulme says:

    I was so surprised to hear about this film. I love Jean Dujardin – he’s the star of some awesome French spy movies that hit the screens recently. Amazing to see him in the lead of such an ODD American production.

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