‘Haywire’ Movie Review

Monday evening I had the chance to see ‘Haywire’. My feelings on it are somewhat neutral. It was entertaining to watch Gina Carano kick some serious ass, I’ll give her that. I always enjoy films with a strong female character that doesn’t take anyone’s crap. The fight scenes were intense & Gina Carano does not hold back one bit.  Channing Tatum was nice to look at, other than that, his character wasn’t particularly interesting.  I felt the musical score was lacking; the trailer is misleading in that sense.  For me, the music is what builds suspense & thrill. You can argue my next point, however, I was not a fan of just pure grunts & groans during the intense fight scenes; it was almost uncomfortable to see & hear only that. Maybe it’s because I have been subjected to too many thrillers that rely heavily on the score that makes me feel this way. Whatever the case, I would still prefer some kind of soundtrack to intensify the scene. Of the music that was heard, I enjoyed it’s resemblance to the spy movies from the 1950’s.  After waiting some time to finish this review, I have to say the movie sits better with me now. It was enjoyable, however, I’ve seen better.

‘Haywire’ was released in theaters January 20th, 2012.

Haywire Trailer


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