‘The Flowers of War’ Movie Review

I attended the advanced screening of ‘The Flowers of War’ this past Wednesday. This film served as another history lesson for me.  It was a very dramatic look into the lives of a select group of innocent Chinese women during an extremely traumatic event [Sino-Japanese War].  I could not help but feel for these women.  There are a few graphic scenes that were sad to watch, however, I did not get close to a point of expressing emotion.  I was looking forward to seeing Christian Bale, who is one of my favorite male actors.  He was the only Caucasian in the film, with exception of a cameo from Paul Schneider.  His character [in the beginning] slightly reminded me of his character in ‘The Fighter‘.  I only say that because, in this film, his character is a drunk, & extremely selfish, but when faced with a serious event, turns for the better.  I thought the cinematography in certain scenes was great, as well as the musical score [the trailer gave me chills]. However, this was another film that could have been shorter.  While watching it, I felt as though I could see it as a made-for-TV movie on the History Channel.  I also think if I were to see it again, it would be in the comfort of my home.   It’s one of those movies that ends on a bittersweet note & you leave the theater in silence.

‘The Flowers of War’ was released in U.S. theaters on January 20th, 2012.

‘The Flowers of War’ Trailer


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