Shanghai: end of work week 1

So, I managed to break the key trying to get into my apartment last night. Apparently, they did not give me the right key for that particular door. Although the key I used fit, when I went to turn it, snapped in half. I was alone at that point & had no clue what I was going to do, but thankfully Tracy showed up a few minutes later.  We had to get the guard to unlock it for us & this morning the other half of my key was no longer in the keyhole, so someone fixed it! I now have the correct keys & hopefully that will not happen again!

This morning I tried another traditional Chinese breakfast, which I would consider a crepe (Chinese style).  Tracy (roommate) was trying to explain what I was eating & called it a “cruller”, which I didn’t think seemed right, so I did a Google search & found out exactly what I ate: Jian Bing (Chinese Breakfast Crepes) . That link will take you to a blog where you can watch it being made ^^

The work week went well, although it was only two days for me.  My hours changed from 9am-6pm, but I haven’t left before 7pm yet.  Chris & I were supposed to get dinner with our boss, Michael, but he made other plans & told us to go wander the city.  I asked a co-worker for suggestions so I would have some sort of idea as to where I was going.  We ended up at the China 1 mall, which is pretty big & filled with some great stores [can’t wait to go shopping].  The top floor is a food court type area, so we chose a restaurant that had the menu in English because I did not want to rely solely on pictures!

After dinner I decided to unpack my things, so now I can show pictures!































Above you see my room, the view from my room’s balcony, the kitchen, living room, & bathroom.

& now I must get some rest. Tomorrow, Michael’s wife and/or niece is showing Chris & me around Shanghai!



3 thoughts on “Shanghai: end of work week 1

  1. dad says:

    Are you able to charge your cell phone, and is the power the same as here, or do u need an adapter? You’re only using your cell phone via wi-fi, like the dude at Verizon advised, right? Did you suffer from jet lag that first day there? What’s your impression of China so far?

    • leahdawnwilliams says:

      yes, I am able to charge my computer & cell phone without an adapter. Each outlet has two different sockets, & the one supports the two square prongs we use in the US. I turned off my 3G & data, so I have only been using Wifi. The first day I was pretty tired, but I don’t think I got jet lag. I’m a schedule already, so I think I’ll be good. & I haven’t seen much of it yet, but so far, I think it’s pretty neat. I’ll tell you more when we skype 🙂

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