St. Patty’s Day in Shanghai!

This past work week was a long one.  I don’t think I left the office earlier than 7pm any night. I can’t complain too much though, considering the clients I get to work with.  & the next week or two are going to be just as demanding as the last – on a tight deadline.

[ Highlight – my boss took a few of us out to dinner the one night at Pizza Hut.  The Pizza Huts here are like Applebee’s back home. The menu is quite extensive & their food is about 50% less greasy. I was surprised & have to say I liked the pizza. ]

So…needless to say, come Friday night, all I wanted to do was relax.  I decided to check out the McDonald’s right around the corner because it’s just mandatory that I try it in every country I go to. Their menu had a slightly different selection & is about half the price of U.S. McDonald’s. I paid 26rmb = $4.11 — I wish that’s how much meals cost back home! I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, not knowing it was spicy, & indeed it was! It was good, though I have had better fries.

I stayed in Friday night, watched some U.S. tv shows & caught up on sleep.

As you know, Saturday was St. Patty’s Day & I was itchin’ to have a green beer!  I read about a few bars hosting events in honor of St. Patty’s day & one was right near me.  I almost didn’t go because Chris was stuck doing work & I didn’t have anyone to go with. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go, so I went alone & planned on having one or two beers before heading back to the apartment. Luckily I packed a green shirt too!

Well, as I was walking down the street towards the bar, I could hear the live music & I instantly got excited – I walked in to find a huge tent with hundreds of people, the majority were all westerners, so I fit right in!  I walked around to scope the place out while drinking my green Carlsberg & was stopped by a woman who was about my height [maybe an inch or two shorter] – she introduced herself as Kelly, & she said she had to meet me because I am the only other girl she’s seen that is about her height & American – I got a kick out of that!  She proceeded to introduce me to all of her friends, who I hung out with the majority of the day/night. As the night went on, I met more people & their groups of friends – all of whom are either a teacher or an engineer. I ended up at another bar, called the Bulldog, with another group of people I met & hung out there until around 10, & called it a night [I had been drinking since 5pm]. I exchanged numbers with a few people with hopes to meet up again soon.  All in all, I am extremely happy I went out!
























Now, I have to catch up on some work before tomorrow morning. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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