Did I just eat that?

This past work week went by quick, thankfully.  Wednesday evening I went out to dinner with a new friend.  We went to a nice Italian restaurant in the French Concession area. Italian is my favorite cuisine, & being that I used to work at two amazing Italian restaurants back home, I was curious to see how this one compared. The food, wine & atmosphere were all up to par – I was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be going there again.

The weekend came & went too fast. I stayed in Friday evening – mainly to finish up some work & to relax.  Saturday, I did more work in the morning so I could enjoy the evening.  I wanted to show Chris around the French Concession area because there is a big expat community there & it feels more like home.  We found a cute lunch spot, Settebello, where I had a delicious burger.

After lunch, we walked around the area for a few hours to familiarize ourselves.  There are a lot of cute boutiques, cafes, & bars that I am sure I’ll frequent.

As we were deciding what to do for the rest of the day, I ran into James, an Aussie I met last weekend & he invited us to happy hour at The Camel [a sports bar].  James is a part of an Australian football club, here in Shanghai, & the team was hosting a happy hour there – so, I got to meet the team & I think they convinced Chris to join! James’s wife, Fi, convinced me to be a social member…which means I’d get into all games for free & receive discounts at The Camel because they sponsor their team.  I had a fun time making new friends & learning about the sport.

Chris left after a few hours & I stayed behind to hang out for a little.  I met up with a different group of people I met last weekend at a club called The Apartment.  The music, atmosphere, & crowd made me feel like I was back in Philly or NYC – so, of course I loved it!  I think I was there until around 4am & then decided to grab some food.  There were a few eateries open, but my friend insisted I try street food.  So, there we are, at 4:30am sitting on tiny step stools in the middle of the sidewalk as we watch our food being made.  I didn’t recognize anything that he ordered, nor could understand since they were speaking Chinese. Judging by the looks of it, I knew I didn’t want to know, or else I wouldn’t eat it.  I’ll try almost anything, at least once, but sometimes I prefer to not know what it is until after I’ve tried it.  Well, it turns out I ate pig feet….& really liked it!

I was invited to get brunch today at 11am with a few of the women I met last night. However, there was no way I was going to wake up in time, considering I didn’t get sleep until after 5am.  Instead, I got “brunch” at 2:30 at Mr. Pancake with other friends.  I was thrilled to have a familiar breakfast – omelette, pancakes & home fries!

Unfortunately, I had to go into work at 4:30 today to finish up a project & to go over some things for tomorrow. Afterwards, Chris & I went out to dinner with my project manager & his fiance to a popular Japanese restaurant.  It’s similar to a pub…a very, very small pub.  They say it’s just like being in Japan – I wouldn’t know, so I’m taking their word for it.  I would compare the serving style to tapas.  There were a few things I have never tried before & a few things I have had, but prepared completely different.  I ate cow tongue, chicken heart, chicken cartilage, chicken wings, oysters, bacon wrapped mushrooms, pork ramen, veggie dumplings, squid, & shiitake mushrooms.  I loved it all, but my favorite was the cow tongue – it’s so tender & juicy!

Now, I must rest because I will be attending a very important event tomorrow – details to follow!



5 thoughts on “Did I just eat that?

  1. johnheuer says:

    “They say it’s just like being in Japan – I wouldn’t know, so I’m taking their word for it.”

    Hahaha, that’s such a you statement that I can hear what your exact inflection would be if you said it out loud.

  2. John Heuer says:

    “They say it’s just like being in Japan – I wouldn’t know, so I’m taking their word for it.”

    Hahaha. That’s such a you statement that I can hear what your exact inflection would be if you said it out loud.

  3. Rita Gorman says:

    Thanks again, Leah, for sharing your adventure with the rest of us. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. You certainly do make friends quickly–however, I am not surprised since you have such a warm personality. Keep sending the updates. Love you!
    Aunt Rita

  4. Stephen says:

    Wow, you’re quite the cosmopolitan chic! Cow tongue sounds” udderly ” disgusting to me, but I’m glad u liked it. It sounds like you’re having a great time and wont be getting hove sick any time soon, that’s good. I enjoy your posts!

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