30 Minute Diaper Cake



Diaper Cake


I was hosting a Baby Shower for one of my friends, and had always wanted to try making a diaper cake.  I started searching on Pinterest, and of course I found way too many options.  I did not have a lot of time to put this together, so I tried to pick one that seemed easy enough to do – especially for a first-timer.

Honestly, it only took me 30 minutes to put all of this together!  First, I shopped at Michael’s to find the ribbon and flowers I wanted.

What You Will Need:

1. Flowers — I suggest getting a bundle of the plastic flowers that have detachable leaves, because you will want to use those leaves to decorate the tops of the tiers.

2. Ribbon — For the base ribbon layer, I suggest 2-3inches wide (enough to cover the rubber bands!) and the second ribbon layer should be 1/2-1 inch wide.

3. Diapers — I bought a pack of the Pampers Swaddlers Size 1, which was less than $30 (but I’m sure you can find them cheaper) and had about 60 diapers and I still had a handful leftover.

4. Cardboard Paper Towel Roll — Make sure you save the empty roll when your paper towels come to an end, you’ll use it for the base of this cake!

5. Rubber bands — Make sure you have small and large ones.

6. Tape or Hot Glue — you’ll need this to secure the ribbon on the cake.

7. Platter/Tray — you will need a base for the cake to stand on…it can even be a piece of cardboard if you have some lying around.

Ok, now that you have all of the materials you need, let’s get started!

1. Roll each diaper from closed-end to open-end — make sure the sides are even so when you stand them up they aren’t lop-sided — and tie a small rubber band around the center of it. You’ll want to do about 55 of these.

2. Once all of the diapers are rubber banded, grab your paper towel roll and stand it upright.  Start placing the rolled diapers around the bottom (standing upright) — you should be able to fit 6 diapers around the circumference of the paper towel roll — get a large rubber band and tie it around all of the diapers you just placed in a circle.

3. Repeat this step again, but around the first layer of diapers…so you should be able to fit 12 or 13 diapers around the 6 diapers.  It may be easier for you to place the large rubber band around the first few diapers, unless you have a helper that can put the rubber band around them for you!

4. You’ll repeat this one last time for the bottom layer.  You should need around 20 diapers to do the last ring.

5. Your base layer should now be set.  Repeat this process for the middle and top tiers, except your middle tier will only get the first two rings of diapers and the top tier will only get one ring of diapers.  If you feel that the tiers look too small, add another layer of diapers to each one.

6. Now you must hide those rubber bands! Get the wider of the two ribbons and wrap around each tier’s center, tape or hot glue the ends — make sure it’s nice and tight or the ribbon will slide.

7. Do the same for the smaller ribbon, but place on top of the wider ribbon.

8.  After you disassembled your flowers and leaves, start organizing them around the cake.  It’s all a matter of preference when it comes to this.  I started out with a bunch of flowers, but started to take some out as I thought it may be too busy. You can place the leaves on the tops of the tiers, lay them out about an inch a part from each other.

Voila! 30 Minute Diaper cake complete!

This makes a wonderful gift and a beautiful display for any mother-to-be!

If you have any tips or suggestions for other readers, please comment below 🙂



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